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How to Choose a Good CNC machining Supplier?

Several basic conditions for a good CNC machining supplier:

1. Rich experience in production (engineers with excellent technology "turning and milling"): KANGDING company has 20 years of machining and rich experience in non-standard product design. We can provide prototypes and batch manufacturing of precision parts for military, aviation, medical, clocks, and machinery.
2. Advanced machine tool equipment;
3. Testing equipment for parts;
4. Workshop management requirements;

In any type of mechanism, even the smallest part of it, can influence the daily operation of a machine. When referring to the mechanization of all these elements, the technology and the quality of the machining center are two of the key factors. And it is for this reason that we must invest in the latter, that is, CNC lathes (Computer Numeric Control) as this will be the best bet to obtain the components of the highest precision and reliability for very specific purposes. Do you want to learn more about precision machining? Do you need a machining job and are in doubt when selecting the machining company? Then you should not miss this article.

Turning the CD pattern of stainless steel Stainless steel shaft and pin Electronic handwheel, handle
Turning the CD pattern of stainless steel Stainless steel shaft and pin Electronic handwheel, handle

We started ...

The evolution of technology, as well as the high competitiveness of industrial markets, are leading manufacturing companies to work in a large, more flexible manufacturing environment. This evolution requires greater speed in project development and the highest precision in each part. All of the above with a clear objective: to avoid delays and cost overruns.

If you are a project manager or involved in purchasing processes, you may be aware of the importance of selecting a good machining company. A very good choice can help achieve the success of your prototype, and the deployment or production of your project. In this article we are going to review some of the methodological concepts that can help in day-to-day work.

What should I take into account when choosing the most suitable precision machining company?
Technology used for machining
There is a fairly large number of solutions that can be of higher or lower cost, as well as of more or less quality. Before starting, you should be clear about the specific needs of your business or project: geometry and dimensions of the parts, the number of parts needed, the tools used (drills, cutting tools, milling cutters), optimal axis numbers for machining, capacity rotation, etc.

According to the technology used, we can classify it into 3 large groups:
Machining with chip extraction: Here the material of the piece is shaved or cut with a precision tool, generating chips. Until recently, the main problem with this system was in obtaining the small pieces by cutting. However, today, injection-based systems make it possible to produce CNC parts (just 10gr.) With greatly improved precision and homogeneity in relation to other conventional technologies.

Machining without chip removal: This involves several metal forming processes: sintering, roller milling, stamping, casting, ... This is not a viable option if we are looking for the best precision-manufacturing-speed ratio.

Machining by abrasion or by electric discharge: In this case, the elimination of excess material is carried out by means of an abrasive wheel, which rotates at high cutting speeds, eliminating small particles. They are very precious, but require long production times.
In addition to these technologies, we could mention 3D printing, one of the latest advances. This solution can design a part in a few hours. Despite this, the layered finish of 3D engineered parts, as well as material and compatibility limitations, make them suitable for many purposes.

The company that we are going to choose must have machinery that is capable of offering several products. The latest CNC lathes allow the production of various parts of different sizes and materials. In this way, we can meet the needs of a single project with a single supplier.

This is where you should pay particular attention to the technical specifications of injection molding machines: the diameter of the screw, the minimum height of the mold or the diameter of the turntable. This and other related aspects will provide us with the versatility of the machinery available.

You must ensure that the selected machining services company has the latest technology in CAD-CAM software systems. This is what you will be able to present with the simulation of your design in order to have your components machined quickly.

As an example, when we talk about machining processes with chip extraction, the application of numerical control covers all machining processes: drilling, turning, etc. Computerized control of the movements of the processing machine ensures that the part is identical to its simulation on the computer.

Turning precision lens  6063 aluminum heat sink CNC milled wheels
Turning precision lens 6063 aluminum heat sink CNC milled wheels

If the entire machining process is produced in a single machining center, we will be able to reduce manufacturing times and therefore we will be able to deliver the parts in a few days. This is achieved by cutting short downtime or waiting time between machines.

To achieve better productivity, a number of aspects such as the size of the gantry must be taken into consideration.
the type of machining table system (rotary, shared, fixed, mobile), the zero return system, the number of heads, systems for quick configuration on the machine and other aspects.

We should look for systems that guarantee the highest quality in each part, in such a way that said quality can be duplicated, in this way we can eliminate adjustment or re-processing time.

This is a very important factor, especially when considering that each application and each part could be unique. Select a company with a good team of highly qualified professionals with a long history, in such a way, we will obtain better advice from the moment we present the idea or project to the development of the product.

Specific Surface treatment
We go with the last of our recommendations, the last link in the chain. This aspect can establish a differentiation from some machining companies to others. The application of the treatments on the parts has an improvement in their resilience and therefore in the response to external agents such as humidity or heat loss and increase. Here we can make a mention of:

Hardening treatments: Here we could mention the heat treatments that help the different parts to have a good response in deployments that require a greater criterion of resilience.
Surface treatments: chrome plating, galvanization, ... A very effective treatment to reduce friction and wear of CNC parts in those applications where a large amount of rolling or sliding contact must be supported.

What machining technology does KANGDING offer?

KANGDING has a long history in manufacturing machining of all types of precision parts for different industrial applications.

We have several CNC machining centers capable of manufacturing precision parts, both for small and large-scale productions.

Thanks to the technology we use, we can produce unique pieces, precision machining, mold and light metals.
Good CNC machining supplier
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