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Examples of high-speed milling of titanium parts

Titanium alloy has high strength, high fracture toughness, good corrosion resistance and weldability. Because it is more difficult to process than ordinary alloy steel, titanium alloys are generally considered to be difficult to process materials. The metal removal rate of a typical titanium alloy is only about 25% of that of most ordinary steels or stainless steels. Therefore, the time required to machine a titanium alloy workpiece is about 4 times that of machining a steel part.
   The following are two examples of machining aerospace titanium alloy parts with ATIStellram cutters and X-Grade blades.

Titanium alloy outer cover
1. Examples of machining 1
  CNC processed titanium parts: titanium alloy outer cover (military)
  The material of the workpiece: Ti-6Al-4V (AllvacTi-6-4 alloy)
  The size of the workpiece: 110"×18"
Machining description: The ATIStellram7792VX high-feed milling cutter with XDLT-D41 indexable inserts is used for processing, and the tool life for rough milling titanium is 156 minutes.
  Milling cutter: C7792VXD12-A3.00Z5R; Number of slots: 5
   Blade: XDLT120508ER-D41; Grade: X500 (designed with X-Grade technology)
   Axial depth of cut ap: 0.080"
  Radial cutting width ae: 2.100"
  Cutting speed vc: 131sfm
   Feed per tooth fz: 0.023ipt
   Feed rate: 19.2ipm
Tool life: 156 minutes / each transfection bits (each insert is indexable four times)
Titanium turbine blades
  2. Machining example 2
   Machined parts: titanium turbine blades for military aircraft (new application)
  Workpiece material: pure titanium alloy
Blade size: 23.6"×11.8"
Machining description: The ATIStellram7710VR milling cutter equipped with anti-rotation blades is used to process the propeller blades. The tool life of rough milling processing reaches 110 minutes.
  Milling cutter: C7710VR12-A2.00Z5R; Number of slots: 5
  Blade: RPHT1204MOE-421-X4; Brand: X700 (designed with X-Grade technology)
   Axial cutting depth ap: 0.080"~0.100"
   Radial cutting width ae: 0.800"~1.37"
  Cutting speed vc: 265sfm
   Feed per tooth fz: 0.0086ipt
   Feed rate: 21.8ipm
   Tool life: 110 minutes per indexing (each blade can index 4 times)
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