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Equipment profile aluminum housing for heat sink

Provided is an aluminum housing with simple structure, easy installation, effective ventilation and waterproof, and good heat dissipation effect.
Equipment heat dissipation shell of aluminum profile
It can be achieved through the following technical solutions:
A profiled heat-dissipating aluminum shell includes a main body and a rear cover, and the rear cover is arranged on the back side of the main body. The rear side of the main body is provided with a baffle plate, and the baffle plate is provided with a plurality of air outlets. The side surface of the rear cover of the aluminum housing is provided with an opening formed by cutting inward. A waterproof heat dissipation structure is installed in the opening, and the waterproof heat dissipation structure is composed of a porous flat plate on the upper part and an inclined plate on the lower part. The opening of the aluminum shell is located above the baffle, the upper part of the opening is a flat opening and the lower part is an oblique opening. The perforated flat plate is arranged in the flat opening, the inclined plate is arranged in the inclined opening, and a number of convection holes are arranged at the bottom of the rear cover.

In the above-mentioned heat-dissipating aluminum housing, the air outlet is provided with a flow guide. The air guide has a plurality of partition bars and the partition bars are arranged in rotation and distributed in sequence, and the other end of the partition bar is fixed on the inner side wall of the air outlet.

In the heat-dissipating aluminum shell, the tail end of the inclined plate is turned upward to connect with the porous flat plate, and the tail end of the inclined plate is higher than the porous flat plate.

Finished aluminum housing of jammer
In the heat-dissipating aluminum outer shell, the bottom of the opening is respectively provided with upward and downward limiting grooves, and the protruding part of the tail end of the inclined plate is clamped and installed in the limiting groove.

In the heat-dissipating aluminum shell, a hinge hinge is arranged between one side of the rear cover and the main body.

A heat-dissipating aluminum shell is provided with a handle on the other side of the rear cover.

Compared with the prior art, the new type is provided with a diversion baffle and a waterproof and heat-dissipating structure at the upper part, and a convection hole at the lower part. When the air passes through the inside of the equipment casing, convection takes away heat, and the porous plate of the waterproof heat dissipation structure does not affect the convection. The inclined plate can prevent rainwater and debris from entering the inside of the shell, and the structure is simple and practical.

Figure 1 is a schematic diagram of the overall structure of the casing of a profiled heat dissipation device of the present invention;

Aluminum housing of the inverter

In the figure,
Main body-1,
Rear cover shell-2,
Diversion baffle -3,
Air outlet-4,
The opening of the device -5,
Waterproof heat dissipation structure-6,
Perforated aluminum plate -7,
Inclined plate-8,
Flat mouth of the device-9,
The oblique mouth of the equipment -10,
Convection hole of the device-11,
The deflector of the equipment -12,
Separator of equipment -13,
Limit slot of the device -14,
Hinge hinge-15,
The handle of the device -16.
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