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CNC milling cost and quotation

CNC milling cost structure, generally in accordance with the calculation of working hours!
If you want to machine a workpiece, the first thing is the material cost of the product; The most important thing is the processing man-hours required for the workpiece you want to mill. Generally, the milling worker is ¥10-20/hour, and the fitter is about ¥10-15/hour; Surface treatment costs; Then there are some travel expenses (generally none). If there are no ready-made tools (such as knives, fixtures), you will need to bear part or all of the purchased costs; Finally, the above-mentioned fees are calculated as the product processing fees you have to pay!
Cost and quotation of milled parts
Material costs, machine depreciation, labor costs, management fees, taxes, etc. are basically required. Or material costs, processing fees and taxes, as well as business costs and transportation costs. Budgeting requires a thorough understanding of the multi-product market.
1. Vertical milling machine X5030A, Φ300×1120, ¥16/hour
2. Vertical milling machine X52K, Φ320×1250, ¥18/hour
3. Vertical milling machine XA5032, Φ320×1250, ¥18 /hour
4. Horizontal milling machine X63W, Φ400×1600, ¥24/hour
5. Ram milling machine XS5646/1, Φ425×2000, ¥28/hour
6. Bullhead planer B665, 650×800, ¥14/hour
7. Bull head planer B650, 650×800, ¥11/hour
8. Hydraulic bullhead planer BY60100, 900~1000, ¥16/hour
9. Hydraulic Bullhead Planer B690, 900~1000, ¥16/hour
10. Longmen planer B2016A, 900~1000, ¥28/hour
11. Longmen planer B2020A, 2000~6000, ¥50/hour
12. Rod bed B5032, 200~320, ¥12/hour
13. Broaching machine L6140, 40T, ¥15/hour
14. Scribing fitter, Φ200×650, ¥15/hour
15. Assembly fitter, Φ200×650, ¥30/hour
16. Mold fitter, Φ200×650, ¥30/hour
17. Machining center, Φ200×650, ¥80/hour
18. Wire cutting, Φ200×6509, ¥55/hour
19. Welding knife, Φ200×650 ¥7/hour

General keyway for milling machine processing
(Length to width ratio is less than 10) The width of the key slot * 0.5 Charge (minimum RMB 5). If the aspect ratio exceeds 10, it will be charged according to the aspect ratio * base price * 0.1.
If there is a strict location requirement, the base price * 2 will be charged.
The processing of materials with a hardness greater than HRC40 is charged at the base price * 2.
General spline processing (with a ratio of length to diameter less than 5) is charged according to the outer diameter of the spline shaft * 0.8 (minimum 15 yuan)
General gear processing is charged by modulus * number of teeth * ¥0.5 yuan. Worm gear is charged based on base * 1.2. Helical gears, bevel gears, and shift gears are charged at the base price * 2.
General plane parts processing is charged at ¥1.5 yuan/square decimeter (minimum 5 yuan)
Generally, boring is charged according to the hole diameter * 0.25.
Cost calculation method for complex milling parts
Optical tool curve grinding processing fee ¥60/hour,
200 type lathe, processing fee, 20 yuan/hour,
300 type lathe, processing fee ¥30/hour,
Milling machine processing ¥20 yuan/hour, drilling 15 yuan/hour,
Boring machine processing ¥35 yuan/hour,
Grinding machine processing ¥30/hour,
Slotting machine processing ¥15/hour,
Planer processing, ¥20~25 yuan/hour,
Longmen planing and milling processing, ¥30/hour,
Rounding machine (rolling steel plate with thickness below 20) ¥60 yuan/hour,
C620.C6140 ¥20 yuan/hour,
30 lathe processing ¥30/hour,
Vertical turning processing ¥60 yuan/hour,
Radial drill processing ¥20 yuan/hour,
T68 boring machine processing ¥30/hour,
Niu planing small vertical milling and horizontal milling processing ¥20 yuan/hour,
Gantry milling and planing processing ¥60 yuan/hour,
CNC machining center processing ¥80/hour
Electric welding and gas cutting are basically calculated on the basis of pieces, and it is not convenient to calculate by pieces at ¥30/hour.
200 Typ Drehmaschine, Bearbeitung gebühr
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