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Aluminum cnc machining different manufacturers all have their own advantages.
Small factories are suitable for rapid prototyping, and large factories are suitable for large quantities. We need to find a suitable CNC processing plant according to our own needs. Generally, the unit price is calculated according to the processing time of aluminum alloy products. So how to calculate the aluminum alloy cnc processing price?

1. Look at the drawings and technical requirements of the product.
2. There are differences in materials and labor in various places, and there are still large price differences in some places.
3. General parts are calculated based on material cost + processing cost + profit, and CNC processing cost depends on the process. The price of using different processing equipment is of course different and some are calculated by man-hours (turning time, milling time, etc.). Some are calculated according to the CNC machining process.
4. There is another question of quantity. The price of CNC processed mass products is of course cheap, if it is a single prototype, it is expensive. Even if it is a small part, the material is generally not retail, and the unit price of the product is the price of the whole board.
5. The problem of the processing plant. If the aluminum alloy cnc processing factory can handle it by itself, of course there is no problem. If some processes of the processing plant need to be outsourced, the price will increase accordingly. Therefore, for aluminum alloy CNC machining, you must choose a suitable manufacturer to avoid more costs.
Many customers do not understand why the quotations of different aluminum alloy CNC processing manufacturers are very different? In fact, in addition to the costs mentioned above, there are the following factors:
1. The number of parts to be processed. Single-piece and large-volume prices may vary greatly.
2. The complexity and tolerance of the workpiece, especially the form and position tolerance, that is, the accuracy level, which also has a great influence on the unit price of the workpiece.
3. The local CNC processing hourly rate also has a lot to do with it. There is also the material, which is the degree of easy milling. These factors all affect the unit price of the product, so the quotation issue is a comprehensive issue.

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