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CNC Turning Workpiece Cost Accounting and Quotation

Cost and Quotation of Turned Parts
The cost of machining materials is certain.
The main difference lies in each company's different labor costs, transportation costs, consumption costs, and taxes. So these parts CNC machining plant in what way it is calculated mostly by?

The following is a compilation of part of the CNC turning data for reference (because the calculation method varies depending on the price of each place).
The detailed calculation method of CNC turning:
1) First of all, you can ask the supplier to provide preliminary CNC turning process arrangements for key or complex parts, detailing each process and the time consumption of each process.
2) The processing cost can be calculated according to the hourly cost of the equipment required for each process. You can also ask the supplier for the specific equipment cost, for example: Ordinary end milling CNC machining is at ¥60~80/hour (tax included);  Common equipment such as milling machine and general turning is generally ¥30/hour.
3). Add packaging and transportation, management costs, tooling, turning tools, and profit in proportion to the price. Of course, to a certain extent, the price will have a lot to do with the annual purchase volume and difficulty and ease of the parts. The price difference between a single prototype and a large batch is very easy to understand.

Rough estimation method for CNC turning parts:
1) For large workpieces, the volume is larger and the weight is heavier.
General difficulty: The ratio of the processing cost to the cost of the raw materials of the entire part is about 1:1. This ratio is inversely proportional to the purchase volume;
Complex turning workpieces: The ratio of the processing cost to the raw material cost of the entire part is about 1.2~1.5:1. This ratio is inversely proportional to the purchase volume;
2) For small and medium turning workpieces
General difficulty: The ratio of CNC machining cost to the cost of the entire part's raw materials is about 2~3:1. This ratio is inversely proportional to the purchase volume;
Difficult and complex parts: The ratio of the processing cost to the raw material cost of the entire part is about 5-10:1. This ratio is inversely proportional to the purchase volume;

Because machining has great process flexibility, that is, a part can have many kinds of process arrangements, the cost is of course different. However, sometimes the supplier will tell you a complicated process to increase the price when quoting, while other simple processes will be used in actual production. Therefore, the purchaser's own understanding of the drawings and CNC machining knowledge of parts determines your cost control. Therefore, the purchase of mechanical parts requires comprehensive CNC machining knowledge.

1. Basic price for turning: ¥20-40/hour
The specifics depend on the actual situation. Like small items, the simple working hours are less than ¥20/hour; sometimes even only ¥10/hour.
For example, for some large pulleys, CNC machining has a large margin, and manufacturers can make a profit as long as they earn money from waste powder;
Sometimes if the workpiece is large, the general factory cannot process it, so you can quote a higher price two or three times higher, and the customer has no choice.

Cost and Quotation of Copper Turned Parts
Attached to the basic price of processing hours for each type of work
Serial number, equipment name, model, processing range, processing cost (yuan/hour)
1. Lathe, C616, Φ320×750~1000, ¥11/hour
2. Lathe, C6140, Φ400×1000~2000, ¥13/hour
3. Lathe J1-MAZAK, Φ460×1000~2000, ¥15/hour
4. Lathe C6150, Φ460×1000~2000, ¥15/hour
5. Lathe C630, Φ630×1000~2000, ¥21/hour
6. Lathe C650, Φ800×1500~5000, ¥30/hour
7. Vertikaldreh maschine C5116A, Φ1600, ¥ 28 / Stunde
8. Radialboh rmaschine Z3050, ~ 50 ~ ~ 63, ~ 16 / Stunde
9. Radialbohr maschine Z3080, Φ80, ¥ 20 / Stunde
10. Vertikale Bohr maschine Z5140A, Φ32 ~ Φ40, ¥ 12 / Stunde
11. Horizontalboh rmaschine T68, 1000 × 1000, ¥ 26 / Stunde
12. Horizontalboh rmaschine T611, 1000 × 1000, ¥ 30 / Stunde
13. Vertikale Bohr maschine T4163, 630 × 1100, ¥ 56 / Stunde
14. Horizontalbohr maschine T6111A, 1200 × 1200, ¥ 36 / Stunde
15. Universal-Rundschleif maschine M1420, Φ125 ~ 220 × 350 ~ 1000 ¥ 15 / Stunde
16. Universal-Rundschleif maschine M1432A, M9025 × 500 ~ 1000 ¥ 19 / Stunde
17. Universal-Rundschleif maschine M1432B, Φ315 ~ 320 × 1500 ~ 3000, ¥ 26 / Stunde
18. Universal cylindrical grinder M1331A, Φ315~320×1500~3000, ¥26/hour
19. Universal cylindrical grinder M1450, Φ500×1500~2000, ¥28/hour
20. Precision universal cylindrical grinder MG1432, Φ320×1000~2000, ¥32/hour
21. Internal grinder MG1432, Φ12~Φ100×130, ¥13/hour
22. Surface grinder M7120, 200×630~650, ¥16/hour
23. Surface grinder M7130, 300×1000, ¥21/hour
24. Surface grinder M7150, 500×2000, ¥40/hour
25. Guide rail grinder M50100, 1000×6000, ¥28/hour
26. Spline grinder M8612A, Φ120×1800, ¥28/hour
27. Thread grinder Y7520W, Φ200×500, ¥20/hour
28. Gear grinder Y4632A, Φ320×6M, ¥30/hour
29. Universal tool grinder M5MC, Φ200×500, ¥13/hour
30. Universal tool grinder MW6020, Φ200×500, ¥13/hour
31. Universal tool grinder M9025, Φ200×650, ¥16/hour
32. Universal tool grinder M6025H, Φ250×650, ¥16/hour
33. Universal tool grinder M6425, Φ250×650, ¥16/hour
34. Broach grinder M6110D, Φ100×1500~1700, ¥16/hour
35. Gear hobbing machine YM3150E, Φ500×8M, ¥22 /hour
36. Rod rack YM5150B, Φ500×8M, ¥18/hour
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