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CNC Manufacturing of Robot Rapid Prototyping

Product Item: CNC Manufacturing of Robot Rapid Prototyping
Category: Rapid prototyping
The price of the CNC rapid prototype of the robot (agv handling robot, drug delivery robot, transportation robot, patrol robot, vending robot, food delivery robot)

The price of the CNC rapid prototype of the robot (agv handling robot, drug delivery robot, transportation robot, patrol robot, vending robot, food delivery robot)

When a company develops a new product, it needs to make a prototype to verify it, mainly to test whether the product design is feasible. For example, a company needs to develop a robot product. In the early stage of research and development, it is necessary to do a prototype verification of the robot according to the product drawings to avoid discovering problems when the mold is opened later.

Robot 3D drawings, prototype production checklist
Service robot prototype     Shell prototype of patrol robot

In the prototyping industry, evaluating the price of making a prototype requires looking at 3D drawings. If there is no drawing, it is difficult to evaluate the price. This is also the case when talking with customers. It is difficult to evaluate how much it costs to make a prototype of a certain product, even without knowing the size, structure, and appearance.

For example, like robot products, the size, structure, surface treatment process, and processing difficulty of each robot product will be different, and the price will be different. Therefore, to evaluate the price of the robot prototype, it is necessary to provide 3D drawings and a production list (the quantity, material, processing method, surface technology, etc. information need to be indicated).

With the rapid development of artificial intelligence (AI), robots have become a major outlet. Many related companies have begun to produce intelligent robots, such as Baidu, Google, and so on.
Every intelligent robot is expensive to build. As we all know, molds are necessary for mass production. With the size of intelligent robots, the cost of mold opening must be very expensive. There is a great responsibility for the problems in the mold opening and mass production.
Rapid prototyping can solve this problem well. How is the robot prototype produced?
1. Relevant high-tech companies will send 3D drawings to prototype manufacturers. Regarding the confidentiality of drawings, please rest assured that our prototype industry strictly abides by the confidentiality regulations and adopts strict confidentiality procedures to limit the potential for leakage to zero.

2. We know the size, weight and process requirements through the drawings, and make a quotation, and the two parties negotiate until they are satisfied to sign the contract.
3. We place an order through the company's system, and the production department starts the CNC numerical control center programming for production, and the prototype of the product is obtained.
4. The process department carries out post-treatment processing, such as polishing, oil spraying, electroplating, silk screen and so on.
5. Perform trial installation to verify whether the product has any problems. If there is any size or process error, it will be repaired or re-produced unconditionally, and the customer will never be charged for secondary processing.

Sweeping robot prototype  Vending robot prototype
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