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CNC machining manufacturers in China: provide online rapid prototyping, milling, turning, and precision customization of composite parts. Components of different materials include aluminum alloy, copper, stainless steel, titanium, magnesium, iron, profiles, plastics, bakelite, POM, UHWM, ABS, PMMA, PC, PP, PA, BT, PVC, etc.

CNC machining introduction:

CNC (Computer Numerical Control) machining process is widely used in manufacturing because it facilitates the use of computers to control machine tools. In this manufacturing process (CNC machining), the movement of the tool is controlled using pre-programmed computer software. The machine tools that can use this process control are lathes, routers, milling machines and grinders. Site operators need to prompt and guide the cutting tools through the lever, wheel and button commands.
There are two types of CNC machining systems. They are a) milling, b) turning
Each CNC machining system is suitable for manufacturing different geometric shapes.

CNC milling:

It is the most popular CNC machine tool system. In CNC milling, the part is mounted on the machine tool and then the material is removed using a rotating cutting tool.
• The CNC milling machine performs vertical operations.
• Here, JOB will move and TOOL will rotate.
• It can be called a machining center.
Note: JOB here refers to the material we want to make the required shape and size.

CNC turning:

In CNC turning systems (also called lathes), parts are mounted on rotating chucks and fixed cutting tools are used to remove material. Turned parts are usually produced faster (and at lower cost) than milled parts. These systems are mainly used to create parts with cylindrical contours.

• The CNC lathe performs horizontal operations.
• During this process, JOB will rotate and TOOL will move.
• It can be called a turning center.

To create more profits and save costs for customers, our company's purpose. In 2005, we founded (KANGDING) Dongguan Precision Parts Co., Ltd. in China. It is a high-tech enterprise precision parts processing factory, located in Changping Town, Dongguan City. Mainly serve high-tech fields, such as: machinery, automation, aviation, automobiles, basic scientific research, optical fiber, communications, semiconductors, electronics, medical equipment, shock absorbers and other equipment accessories finishing services.

At present, the company has advanced testing instruments such as 5-axis automatic coordinate measuring machine (CMM) and optical projector. Multi-axis CNC lathes, core moving machines, 4-axis and 5-axis CNC milling machines, automatic surface grinding, wire cutting, EDM and other production equipment. Five-axis high-end CNC machine tools such as high-speed, ultra-precision, micro-, ultra-large, compound, and new types. It is a well-known machine tool manufacturer such as DMG of Germany, Okuma of Japan, Toshiba of Japan, Kia of Korea, and Daimaru of Taiwan.

Our surrounding supporting facilities are also very complete: Including laser marking, welding, chemical etching, heat setting, surface sandblasting, polishing, harmless plating, passivation / oxidation / dyeing treatment, ultra-clean assembly. One-stop service can be implemented for packaging, etc., which saves customers more time and cost and achieves a win-win situation. The humanized management system has gathered a group of outstanding employees and high-quality managers. This gives us more confidence and ability to complete various complex technical tasks and meet the standards required by customers. As a result, it has won praises from many world-renowned companies in Europe, the United States, and Asia, and has become one of its qualified suppliers, and its business volume has achieved rapid development.

KANGDING company has always maintained a pragmatic and stable style. Promote the continuous improvement of corporate management with the spirit of unity, self-discipline, diligence, rigor and innovation. Strict implementation of TS16949 and ISO9001:2015 standards, and compliance with their regulations have become our daily work principles. In order to adapt to the development trend of global economic integration, we use CNC mass production methods to continuously reduce production costs, improve product reliability and consistency, and have achieved initial results. Repay customers with high-quality products, low prices, punctuality and trustworthiness. It is believed that KANGDING's excellent quality, honest and friendly corporate image will receive more and more attention and recognition from the public. We warmly welcome customers from home and abroad to visit and guide, negotiate and cooperate, and create brilliance together.




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