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Mold Common Tolerances And Technical Standards

Writer: Kang Ding Manufactur Pubdate:2017-07-17 Source:CNC Machining Factory
Description:Mold common tolerances and technical standards...

Mold common tolerances and technical standards
  Stamping die Plastic mold Die casting mold
Guide post and guide sleeve H7/h6(secondary accuracy) H7/f7 H8/e7
H6/h5(first level accuracy)
Guide post and fixing plate H7/r6 H7/k6 H7/m6
Guide sleeve and fixing plate H7/r6 Guide sleeve H7/k6 Guide sleeve H7/k6
Straight guide sets H7/n6 Straight guide sets H7/r6
Push plate guide post and fixing plate   H7/n6 One end is fixed H7/m6
Fixed at both ends H7/h6
Push plate guide sleeve and fixing plate   H7/f7 One end is fixed H9/e7
Fixed at both ends H9/e8
Putter (reset lever) with fixing plate   H7/f6 H7/e8
Cylindrical pin and fixing plate H7/n6 H7/n6 H7/n6
Insert and mounting plate H7/m6 H7/m6 H7/m6
Sprue sets and fixing plates   H7/m6、k6、n6 H7/m6
Push plate guide sleeve and fixing plate   H7/k6 H7/k6
Die and fixed plate H7/m6    
Mold handle and press slide H11/d11    
Punches and mounting plates H7/m6    
Block pin and die H7/m6    
Geometric tolerances Stamping die Plastic mold Die casting mold
4、5 level 5 level 5 level
5 level 6 level 7 level
φ0.02 6 level 6 level
A、the basic criteria:
1)die terminology   GB/T8845—1988
 2)Punching gap GB/T16743—1997
 3)Metal cold stamping parts structural elements        JB/T43781—1993
 4)Precision blanking part process planning principles       JB/T6957—1993
 5)A metal sheet deep drawing process design specifications   JB/T6959—1993
 6)Microstructure Test of Cold - working Die for High Carbon High Alloy Steel   JB/T7713—1995
 7)Die steel technical conditions and heat treatment  JB/T6058—1992
B、Process and quality standards :
1)Die technology conditions     GB/T14662—1993
2)General technical conditions for metal cold stamping parts    JB/T43782—1999
 3)Die mold frame technical conditions   JB/T8050—1999
 4)Die frame parts technical conditions   JB/T8070—1995
5)Die frame accuracy test   JB/T8071—1995
6)Shear stamping materials, not specified tolerances, the limit deviation    JB/T4381—1999
7)Stamping parts size tolerance    GB/T13914—1992
 8)Stamping angle tolerance      GB/T13915—1992
9)Stamp parts shape and position are not marked with tolerances   GB/T13916—1992
10)Technical conditions for fine blanking mold lubricant  JB/T7714—1995
11)General technical conditions for precision blanking parts   JB/T6958—1993
C、Die technology conditions :   GB/T14662—1992

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