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Vacuum Casting Materials

Writer: Kang Ding hardware Pubdate:2017-07-14 Source:CNC Machining Factory
Description:Has a good casting performance and cutting performance, have a high wear resistance, shock absorption and low gap sensitivity, and cheap....

Vacuum Casting Materials
Below you will find a list of the materials that we can work with at Kang Ding. Exotic materials and special requests can be purchased or imported if required. Please kindly ask us when in doubt. For more detailed technical specifications of the below materials, download our:

Material Comment Axson Code
STAR-PU Rubber 30/83 Rubber/TPE resin. Variable hardness, 30 - 83 Shore A. Can be over-molded. UPX 8400
STAR-PU Transparent Rubber Transparent rubber substitute. Variable hardness, 30-80 Shore A. Translucent colors possible. (Hei-Cast)
STAR-PU High-Temp ABS 120C High temp, most popular ABS compound in the EU. Auto/medical/chemically stable - up to 40 parts per silicone tool. PX 223-HT
STAR-PU High-Temp ABS 200C Very high temperature. Might need additional metal fixtures for curing. UP 6160-LS/L
Grey cast iron Has a good casting performance and cutting performance, have a high wear resistance, shock absorption and low gap sensitivity, and cheap. ASTM A48 A48M
Malleable cast iron Through the graphitization annealing can have a higher strength, great plasticity and toughness, low temperature toughness is good, and the molten iron treatment is relatively simple, stable quality, easy to organize mass production. QT400-15
Ductile iron Has a good mechanical properties and process performance, and can further adjust the mechanical properties by heat treatment. (Annealing to eliminate internal stress, normalizing to improve strength and wear resistance, quenched and tempered for a good comprehensive mechanical properties) QT500-7AK
Cast steel Generally used in the manufacture of complex shape (difficult to use forging or mechanical processing methods), mechanical properties require a higher mechanical parts. (With cast iron casting its mechanical properties can not reach) ZG270-500
Casting brass Casting brass is a common brass by adding other elements from casting, have a higher hardness and tensile strength, and a certain plasticity. ZcuZn38
Casting alloy Has a good casting performance. through the metamorphic treatment can improve the mechanical properties of the alloy, but also by adding copper, magnesium and other elements, and then quenching, aging treatment, to further improve the mechanical properties of the alloy. ZL105

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