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How does china metal Processing to Western suppliers on price?

Writer: KangDing hardware Pubdate:2017-09-11 Source:CNC Machining Factory
Description:China is a large country of CNC machining, with excellent skilled technical staff and improve the supporting facilities. ...

This is a complex question. China’s greatest advantage is its labor cost. China workers’ pay is, on average, one-sixth compared with the USA. Imported technology, however, can cost as much as double the USA/Europe. Electricity in China is on par with some of the highest prices in the US and Europe, and imported materials can be much higher, but Chinese domestically produced materials much lower.

As a general rule, labor-rich work is considerably more competitive than technology and material-rich work. But this is not always true. Price can vary greatly depending on the type of prototyping design service. Some general guidelines to consider include:

China is a large country of CNC machining, with excellent skilled technical staff and improve the supporting facilities. If the use of China's metal materials, the overall unit price is one-third of Western countries.

Vacuum casting of polyurethane is normally 30-50% less than Western prices. The expensive material here is the imported Axson resin. That said, vacuum casting and the subsequent finishing are very labor intensive.

Due to the rapid development of China's stamping automation equipment, the reduction of factory employees, relative to the European / American countries have a great price advantage. Automation rapid tooling for metal stamping is consistently nearly quarter the US/European price.

Pressure die manufacture and die casting of aluminum and zinc can be as little as 25% of the Western prices, but can range up to 50% of the cost. This is an uncut gem in the KangDing Prototype portfolio. There is no way of short cutting the process of pressure die casting. There are no ‘rapid’ ways of producing die cast tools, as the process is far too violent for soft materials. They must be HRC 43 to 48 H13 tool steel.

China has become a major producer of high-precision bolts; There are strength parameters of the bolt, divided into 9, the higher the level, the greater the intensity. Chinese-made screws sell a large number of European / American countries. Product price also has a great advantage.

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