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Can I get 'metal stamping prototype' sample in days in the USA and Europe?

Writer: Kang Ding hardware Pubdate:2017-09-04 Source:CNC Machining Factory
Description:Yes, you can...

Yes, you can. Rapid tooling for quick proofing is a service that appears to be slow in China when compared to some ‘metal stamping prototype’ services. Some Western rapid tooling companies claim to take one day to produce molds and moldings – compared to two weeks for the same part at KangDing Metal. But there is a fundamental difference: the Western suppliers that have a one to seven-day turnaround are not producing quality parts. These metal prototype parts are poor quality and the designer often has to greatly modify his design to suit the supplier’s processes. KangDing Metal can make most parts, no matter how complex, so long as they conform to normal international molding standards. In fact, the more challenging the better!

Also differentiating metal stamping prototype from the ‘other guys’ is the fact that the customer owns the mold from KangDing, and the parts can be as complex as you like. You can also have any material you desire for your prototype – even if we have to import it. Projects from metal stamping prototype typically take two to four weeks to produce. All of KangDing Metal’s molds are made from tool steel and therefore last 50,000 plus cycles. Additionally, all surface finishes are possible, including chemical-photo etching, Electroplating, high light, powdering, oxidation.

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