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high speed deep drawn metal stamping mould design

high speed deep drawn metal stamping mould design

Model:stamping mould design

Specifications:SKD11 SKH9

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high speed deep drawn metal stamping mould design
Description :

1. Mould Base Meterial: RK887, CD650, KD20, SKD11, SKH9,etc.
2. Payment Terms: 40% deposit before production, 60% balance before shipping. Conditions can be improved  for long term customers.
3. Trade Terms: EXW is preferred, FOB, CIF, CFR are available too.

Our Advance:

1) We are manufacturer
2) Low scrap rate
3) All kind of metal & plastic materials are available.
4) Tolerance: +/-0.002mm
5) 100% inspection
6) Sample is available
7) Short lead time: 3-6 weeks
8) One-stop customized service

Our Bussiness:

CNC Precision Turning part, Milling part, Machining parts,Grinding parts, Wire Cutting EDM parts --- OEM/ODM
Auto parts /Automobile parts /Motorcycle spare parts
Components of eletronic cigarette
Components of electrical and electronic products
LED aluminium accessories
Mechanical industrial product 
Military accessories
Aluminum chassis boxes
Components of charging pile
Components of mobile phone
High Preision Mold/Mould/Molding/Tooling --- Design & Manufacturing services
Terminal Die/Mold
Clock and watch gear mold
High precision metal stamping mold/die Stamping die, progressive stamping die, punch & die, stamping tools,
Precision Molding parts , metal spare parts,stamping parts, grinding parts, wire EDM parts, cutting parts,
Precision Injection Mould

-AGIE Classic Wire Cutting Machine, -CNC Drilling & Milling Machine, -CNC Machining Center
-PA05S Low Wire Cutting, -EDM Low Wire Cutting Machine, -Flat Grinding Machine 

1. What can Zonso do for client?
1) Professional, Competitive Price & Short Lead Time.
2) We own our factory that we can control the cost and delivery time.

2.What's the delivery time?
1) Normally 3-6weeks
2) If any urgent parts, we can provide preferential processing and control the delivery time as your required.

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