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Economical Prices for High-Quality Stamping Die Design and Other Parts Manufacturing Services from Kangding

Kangding Metal Technology Company offers a full-range of stamping die, punching die, mold forming and other services for international customers. We produce the highest-quality parts that can meet standards set in countries like Germany and Japan. We offer top-notch products with economical price tags.

The process of stamping die metal or nonmetal into parts is perfect for mass producing metal parts with excellent dimensional stability and surface finishes. We use carbon tool steel, high carbon high chromium tool steel, low alloy tool steel, high speed steel, hard alloy, base steel, and many other types of material for the parts. Our engineers can offer you advise on the best stamping mould material to use based on requirements and budget concerns.

We accept customized product designs from customers for any type of die or mould design. Send us a 3D product concept design and our engineers will review the design and send you a quote. We will optimize your design idea for actual manufacturing. We can send you samples within a day as needed.

Enjoy the Best Vacuum Casting Services that Meets International Standards

If you need to create a ventilated mould, we offer the best vacuum casting services in China. We have a team of expert moulding experts who can guarantee fine surface details and speedy copies with short lead times. Our moulds are robust enough to make as many as 50 copies in one go.

We use silicone and rubber materials for designing the moulds, which can be used with no nonferrous alloys, steel, cast iron or many more main materials. We have top-notch CNC machining technology to precision design the moulds. We can make the parts as opaque or translucent as you like. We also offer a wide range of surface treatment services to assure quality and to meet customer expectations. All our products are ISO certified and we have a team of quality control personnel on site to meet international standards.

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