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metal Fabrication Stamping Parts for Battery Gold Plated Contact Terminal

metal Fabrication Stamping Parts for Battery Gold Plated Contact Terminal

Model:Insert Terminal

Specifications:Terminal 962943-1

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Metal Fabrication Stamping Parts for Battery Gold Plated Contact Terminal

  amp:926894-1 3000 Ring Seal 794272-1 5000
Connector 2WAY AMP:1-480699-0 500 Connector 1-480700-0 500
Connector 3WAY AMP:1-480701-0 500 Wire Seal 794270-1 5000
Connector 6WAY AMP:1-480704-0 500 Square Receptacle 928781-2  3000
Connector 9WAY AMP:1-480706-0 500 Seal Protector 794270-1 5000
Connector 12WAY AMP:1-480708-0 500 Seal Protector 794274-1 5000
Connector 15WAY AMP:1-480710-0 500 PIN Receptacle 170280-1 3000
Insert Terminal Terminal 927771-3 3500 PIN Receptacle 170279-1 3000
Insert Terminal Terminal 962943-1 3500 Square Receptacle 1-480698-0 3000
Insert Terminal Terminal 282110-1 4000 Insert Terminal 618604 3000
Insert Terminal Terminal 282109-1 4000 Ring Seal 282438-1  5000
Auto Terminal 8240-0263 3500 Ring Seal 794272-1 5000
Auto Terminal 962883-1 3500 Connector 1-480700-0 500
Auto Terminal 964274-1 3000 Wire Seal 794270-1 5000
Auto Terminal 963900-1 3000 Square Receptacle 1-480703-0 3000
Auto Terminal 929939-3 3500  Seal Protector 794270-1 5000
Auto Terminal 345206-1 3000 Seal Protector 794274-1 5000
Auto Terminal 927837-2 3500 PIN Receptacle 170280-1 3000
Insert Terminal 170292-1 3000 PIN Receptacle 170279-1 3000
Round Connector 172205-1 500 Square Receptacle 1-480698-0 3000
Insert Terminal 7281-947 3000 Ring Seal 172190-2 5000
Round Terminal 172198-1 3000 Insert Terminal 170292-1 3000
Main Production Equipments:
Dieing machine(High-speed Precision Punching Machine),Punching Machine,Auto Lathe,Bench Lathe,Linear cutting  machine,Chamfering tapping machine,Oscillating mill,Drilling machine,CNC Machine,High-speed roller tapefeeder.
Main Inspection Equipment:
Projector,optical thickness monitor,Sclerometer,Salt spray tester,Micrometer,Callipers,Thread ring gauge,Thread plug gauge, Dialgauge,Manometer,Angle gauge.

 Raw Material:
Iron,Steel,Galvanized steel, Cold Rolled Steel (CRS),Mild steel, Stainless steel, Aluminum, Phosphor Copper , Brass ,etc. (According to customer's demands)

Surface Treatment:
Zinc, Nickel, Chrome, Tin, Silver ,Copper,Gold Plated, Painting, Anodizing, Heat treatment, Black Oxid(According to customer's demands)

 Strict quality control:
With ISO9001:2008 quality management system and advanced quality testing devices,we strictly control the quality although the producing process. High level quality has gained us more reliability from our customers

 Best prices
Wtih high producing efficiency and strict management, we can offer the best prices for our products like  terminals ,rivets,flanges,washers,brackets,bolts,nuts,screws and other hardware accessories.
Timely respond for urgent requirement Our plenteous material stock and prompt process can meet your urgen requirements.we can arrange the urgen order any time
Quick delivery:

We keep close relationship with Fedex,DHL,UPS,TNT and other express companies for quick delivey

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