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Terminal Parts

Order Economical Metal Fabrication Stamping Parts from Kang Ding Manufacturers

Kang Ding manufacturers from China offer highly economical rates and world-class standards for terminal stamping workpieces of any kind. We use highly precise machinery imported from Japan and Germany to deliver the best quality terminal block parts for custom designs. All orders are quality inspected by a team of specialists to meet standards in North American, European, Japanese, and Australian markets. We offer the best value, the highest quality, and convenience for customers. Prospective customers can place orders online and request free quotes for orders. We can offer samples within a single day.

Types of Metal Fabrication Stamping Parts Available and Material Options

Our stamping parts can be used for tool making, cutting, punching, welding, tapping, finishing, bending, forming, assembling, and for use in samples. We offer the following terminal precision part types for stamping:

  • Metal press stamping parts
  • Metal welding, drawing, punch parts
  • Cnc metal machining parts
  • Metallic cabinets, cases, chassis, enclosures, communication products
  • Metallic auto or refrigeration parts
  • Vending machine shell fabrication
  • Communication cabinet fabrication
  • Mold designing, and many more

We use these materials for stamping: Aluminum alloy, stainless steel, plastic, carbon steel, spring steel, galvanized steel, and more based on request.

We offer surface treatment options as well, including metal plating, anodizing, galvanization, powder coating, oil spraying, brushing, and passivate. Other options are also available.

Our workpieces are highly precise. The terminal stamping can reach precision levels ranging between 0.01 and 0.1mm while CNC machining parts have a precision level of 0.1 0.002mm.

All our products are OEM and ODM compatible.

Parts are based on customer designs optimized by our engineers. We offer pre-production samples for customers to confirm. Changes to samples are made for free. Samples can be provided within a day or two. Mass production can be completed within a week.

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