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Screws Fastener ManufacturingFastener Bolt Manufacturing
At Kang Ding, we offer a complete range of screws fastener services, including Cold heading, forging, turning and post-machining. We make pressure forging, turning fastener bolt for export and also create the highest quality bolt parts available in China, with economical prices that cannot be matched elsewhere. When you send us your 3D product design for a free quote, our engineers will review your design to ensure it is optimized for manufacturing.

What Is Screws Fastener?

Screws Fastener are a class of mechanical parts that are used for fastening connections and are widely used. It is characterized by a wide variety of specifications, performance purposes vary, and standardization, serialization, the degree of generalization is very high. We provide fasteners bolt parts in Carbon Steel, Alloy Steel, Stainless Steel etc.

Advantages Of Screws Fastener12.9 Level High Strength Fastener Bolt

Product classification widely, include: Screws, Nuts bolts, rods, rivets, and other fastener Drywall screw, chipboard screw, hex head self tapping / drilling screw, pan head, pan framing head, modified truss head screws etc.

Widely used in a variety of machinery, equipment, vehicles, ships, railways, bridges, construction, structure, tools, instruments, meters and other products.
     Surface finish and dimensional stability are excellent
     Complex geometries can be made that require
     It is great for medium to larger rooms parts that would slower and more expensive to machine

Case Study – See How It Was Made
Fastener Bolt Manufacturing Process
 Case Study

The Screws Fastener Manufacturing Process
At Kang Ding, a leader in China's bolt processing technology, In particular to a primary forming Screws processing process, the method comprises the following steps:1. cut material;_ First upsetting;_  two upsetting; _  three upsetting; _  final heading forming;
The process features: process through a molding die can be completed by four-bit bolt forming machine extrusion, does not produce any waste, In the four-bit bolt forming machine, new technology than the old process materials to save 5%, there is no other extra redundant process, which greatly reduces the cost, effectively control the cost, reduce the labor intensity of the staff, to ensure the reliable quality of the product.
We pay special attention to certain key areas that must be controlled carefully. These include wall thicknesses, draft angles, overhangs and the locations of parting lines and ejector pin marks.
Screws fastene almost always requires some form of post-machining to provide features that Screws fastene alone cannot provide. Using our in-house
AddSub® service this is a fast and easy process where material is removed by CNC milling and turning, drilling, or grinding. We also have a range of other finishing processes to ensure that you get the look you want.

Materials Used In  Screws Fastenerstainless Fastener Bolt

Using the correct material is critical to the success of your project. We use carbon steel (low carbon steel, medium carbon steel, alloy steel), stainless steel, copper three kinds of materials, through the restructuring of raw materials → cold heading forming → thread processing (rolling wire or threading) → heat treatment → surface treatment → sorting packaging, 10.9 above the general use of heat treatment after the rolling process.

stainless Screws Fastener steel Stainless steel bolts are made of stainless steel bolts, there are stainless steel SUS201 bolts, stainless steel SUS304 bolts, stainless steel SUS316 bolts, stainless steel SUS316L bolts. the performance grade of stainless steel bolts, studs and bolt is divided into 10 grades: from 3.6 to 12.9.

Copper Screws Fastener Copper bolt material should meet the GB / T 3098.10-1993 "fasteners mechanical properties of non-ferrous metal manufacturing bolts, screws, studs and nuts" requirements.

Carbon steel Screws Fastener
Screws standard parts are mainly carbon steel bolts. Carbon steel in the proportion of carbon content, divided into low carbon steel, carbon steel and high carbon steel and alloy steel.
1, low carbon steel C% ≤ 0.25% domestic is often referred to as A3 steel. Foreign basic known as 1008,1015,1018,1022 and so on. Mainly used for 4.8 grade bolts and 4 nuts, small screws and other products without hardness requirements. (Note: drilling tail nail mainly with 1022 material.)

2, carbon steel 0.25% <C% ≤ 0.45% Domestic is usually called 35, 45 steel, foreign basic known as 1035, CH38F, 1039, 40ACR and so on. Mainly used for 8 nuts, 8.8 bolts and 8.8 hexagonal products.

3, high carbon steel C%> 0.45%. Currently on the market basically did not use

4, alloy steel: in the carbon steel by adding alloying elements, increase the steel of some special properties: such as 35,40 chromium molybdenum, SCM435, 10B38. 12.9 grade alloy steel hexagonal screws mainly use SCM435 chrome molybdenum alloy steel, the main components are C, Si, Mn, P, S, Cr, Mo.

Fastener Bolt Surface FinishingSurface Finishing

Many finishing options are available for your Screws Fastener project including Oxidation (blackening), Phosphating, Plating, Electrophoresis, Chemical conversion Film, Coating, Galvanized, Nickel plating, Silver plating , Electroplating copper, Cadmium plating, Chrome plating, Hot dip zinc, dacromet and much more. We can advise you on the best choices for your design.

Quality And Inspection

At Kang Ding, we take quality seriously with a quality control team dedicated to inspection of every part we make. We have invested in advanced inspection and testing equipment to verify that your fastener bolt parts are made with exactly the material you ordered. We are ISO certified and provide certification documents with every shipment.

Get Started On Your Next Screws Fastener Project

Our screws fastener engineers can work with you to make sure you get great parts fast. Contact us for your free quote and design review today.

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