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Widely used in the manufacturing sector, fastener screws ensure the performance of various equipment. The screws have been designed according to precise specifications, with a high degree of generalizations, while also considering standardization and serialization as well. Kang Ding is one of the best fastener suppliers in the world for your custom design purposes. We have a complete range of fastener services in the highest quality possible. We offer screws fastener for sale and highly economical prices for all products unmatched anywhere else. Get in touch with us today for more information and to get a free quote for your mass market order.

Kang Ding Fastener Supply Products on Offer

We are a top-notch fastener store in China that offers various bolt parts made with different materials for exporting and related services such as forging, post-matching, turning, and cold heading. Here is a list of our popular services:

  • Widely varying bolt classification for exporting, including screws, nuts, rivets, rods, hex, pan heads, chipboard screw heads, and so on.
  • Our products are tested and suitable to be used in multiple industries including construction, automotive, shipping, railway, infrastructure, tooling, and many more.
  • Bolts can have a complex surface geometry as desired
  • Dimensional stability ensured with a surface finish
  • Bolts made used carbon steel, stainless steel, and copper
  • Economical values for products that typically take longer and cost more to make
  • Special attention given to key areas, such as draft angles, parting lines, ejector pin marks, thickness, and so on.
  • Many finishing options available such as chrome plating, chemical conversion film, plating, oxidation, cadmium plating, hot dip zinc, dacromet, galvanization, and many more.
  • Rapid post machining used in-house AddSub
  • High levels of quality assurance

Quality Assurance

Kang Ding takes pride in our thorough quality assurance program. We have a team of quality experts who assess each part we make. We have advanced testing and inspection equipment to ensure that all orders meet standardization requirements. Our company is ISO certified and each shipment comes with certification.

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