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Metal Stamping Service

At Kang Ding, we specialize in high-quality custom metal stamping and mold tool making. metal stamping is by far the industry’s most common way to manufacture hardware parts, especially when making larger quantities. We provide custom molding for 50 to 100,000+ hardware parts as well as a wide range of other manufacturing and finishing services to complete your project. Our metal stamping Prototypes Molding, also can provide you with the perfect small batch stamping parts manufacturing, for you to open up the market, to provide opportunities. Contact our international stamping molding team for a free quote and to talk about your next hardware parts project.

What Is Metal Stamping Molding?Metal Stamping Molding
Metal stamping is the metal sheet will be pressed into metal parts. The metal sheet will retain the shape of the mold as well as the surface texture of the walls of the cavity. After an optimized stamping and surface treatment phase, the now complete hardware part is ejected and the molding cycle is repeated. This molding cycle can take from as little as a few seconds to several minutes depending upon part size, molding metal part design.

Advantages Of Metal Stamping MoldingMetal Stamping Molding Connector

    We have thousands of different types of metal materials available for you to choose from, for a wide range of mechanical and cosmetic properties.
    Metal stamping molding is great for larger volumes. For smaller volumes we might recommend other services like CNC machining, vacuum casting depending on the needs of your project.
    Hundreds of thousands of metal parts can be produced from a single mold tool.
    Your part can have excellent surface quality finishes in a wide range of polishes and textures.
    Stamping molding allows you to do overmolding to combine different types of hardware in one piece. It is ideal for metal parts.

Metal Stamping Molding Case Study

See how we made the Stamping components for this tactical pen. This build was a great example of how the close cooperation between a product developer and manufacturing engineers can help to overcome design challenges to ultimately create a beautiful product.

Mold Tool Production

At Kang Ding, we make great tools for small batch manufacturing. When making your mold tool we use pre-hardened tool steels such as S136 / SKD11 / SLD/KG-5 / SKH-98 / SKH51 / SKD61 / SKH9 / KD20/RK887 and NAK-80, and fully-hardened H13, tool steel. The material used will depend on your specifications, the type of metal and the number of parts you want to produce.
Stamping Mold Tool Production
One Man One Mold ServiceMetal Stamping Molding Machines At Our Kang Ding  Facilities

In a hurry for quick-turnaround stamping mold tools? Our (One Man One Mold)® service was created to Stamping die / progressive die tooling in as little as half the time of conventional tools. We do this by streamlining the entire tooling project, from conception to completion, using a single master machinist who takes ownership of the project from start to finish.

Hardware Part Production

When producing hardware parts, a variety of metallic material are available including :  SPCC, SGCC, SECC, SPHC, Stainless steel, carbon steel, copper, aluminium, brass, iron, and bronze etc. Mold tools and the stamping molding process are both carefully engineered to match the unique requirements of each material in order to produce the highest quality finished parts. Stamping molding process are cheap , more flexible, durable and easily recycled, Find out more about materials you can choose from by looking out our materials sheet and tolerance guide.

Tolerance Guide SheetMetal stamping Molding Tolerance

Unless otherwise specified, we comply with the GB/T 13914-2013 standard tolerances for metal stamping molding. We need to know your requirements in advance so that we can manage key features in the tooling and molding process. As a general rule, high-precision features can only be achieved on select areas of the tool depending on the application. Download our Metal stamping Molding Tolerance.

Design For Manufacturingmetal stamping molding
When developing a new product it is important to make sure you accurate design for manufacturing. If you don’t you could run into costs and delays when it comes time to produce your hardware parts. To help, our metal stamping molding engineer, is putting together a range of white papers addressing the most common design for manufacturing issues. Here is the first one on the cause and avoidance of sink marks. Learn more about what it means to design for manufacturing when creating hardware parts using metal stamping molding.

Stamping MaterialsStamping Molding Materials

At Kang Ding, we can use virtually any stamping materials that you require for metal stamping molding project. Please check out the list of standard materials that we use. If you would like to use customized stamping materials simply let our engineers know when you request a quote.

Surface TreatmentMetal Parts Surface Treatment

We pride ourselves on achieving great color through our color matching service when making surface treatment metal parts. There are , however, some challenges that can arise when trying to achieve color consistency. We wrote this white paper to help you learn all you need to know about color consistency.

Are You Ready To Start Your Next Project?

Once you send us a 3D CAD file for your stamping molding project, our engineers will review it to ensure it is optimized for manufacturing. When our tooling and stamping molding experts look at your design they will double check draft angles, wall thickness, corner angles and material type etc. Our team will make sure the right materials are combined with the correct design considerations to ensure your next project meets and exceeds your expectations. We also have a Visual Quality Standard for our Stamping Molding Services. This ensures we have a consistent method for inspecting stamping molded parts and helps us to go beyond the expectations of our customers. Contact us to get your free quote today.

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