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OEM Laptop CPU Copper Pipe Aluminum Fins Heat Sink

OEM Laptop CPU Copper Pipe Aluminum Fins Heat Sink

Model:Aluminum Fins Heat Sink

Specifications:Aluminum Fins

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OEM Laptop CPU Copper Pipe Aluminum Fins Heat Sink
Product Description
Length X Width X Height = 280X205X65MM, length is in flow direction
Fin height=55mm, Base thickness=10mm
Pitch=4mm, Fin thickness=1mm
Al 1060, clear chromate or EN Plated
Above prelminary pricing includes CNC fabrication, formal or official pricing would be provided against drawings and usage...
Product parameters would be customized, such as heat pipes dimension, fins parameters etc..

Production time: 4 - 6 weeks

Heatpipes are assembled into the skived fin heatsinks after EN Plated on base, kindly contact us freely if you have simialr demand, we can assembled heatpipes into skived fin heatsinks by at least three kinds of different matured process....
We are happy to customize heatsinks per your drawings,kindly contact us freely if you need more information or looking for the heatsinks thermal analysis / simulation under forced / natural convection. Thanks a lot!
1) For skived fin heatsinks, no MOQ limitation,no NREC, we can support your with any usage demand by quick turn service.
2) We have produced more than 200 kinds of skived fin heatsinks until now, the max length of skived fins can reach 600mm now for Al and 250mm for Copper, the max total height may reach 130mm. Several separate parts would be welded into one solid part through friction-stir-welding if the fins length is over 600mm.

3) If you are using bonded fins process, we strongly recommend to apply skived fins process to replace it, specially some surface treatment as required, such as chromate etc. Now skived fins process is more reliable and more continuous thermal resistance. Kindly mail us if you have similar application.
4) We have full capability to produce parts to your final requirements, such as surface treatment, precision machining etc.

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