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Buy Custom Orders from Top-Grade Aluminum Heat Sink Suppliers in China

Looking to buy aluminum heat sink or other parts for your company? Dongguan Kangding offers quality-assured LED heat sink aluminum and other products for tailor-made orders. Make your own design and we will deliver exactly as ordered!

Based in China, our manufacturing plant is ISO9001 and TS 16949 quality certified. We deliver products with high-quality assurance that can match international standards. You can purchase the products you need from us without having to worry about meeting standards in your country. We accommodate international orders with special instructions. You can tailor-make your design to match your company’s requirements. We ensure high reliability levels in the delivery.

Dongguan Kangding - Order from the Best Aluminum Heat Sink Manufacturers

We are one of the best aluminum heat sink suppliers in the world. We tailor-make heat sinks with CNC precision machining based on customer designs. Our heat sinks can be used in a variety of applications in any sector, including in commercial or domestic LED lightning, vehicles, and computer products. We have an existing line of products viewable online on our website. Customers can request alterations based on these designs as desired. We make moulds for customers who have their own designs. Interested customers can conveniently place orders on our website.

We are able to offer you a sample of a product you want within a day. Mass production can be completed in a week’s time or even less depending on the size of the order. We offer both OEM and ODM services. We use advanced machines for delivering products, including CNC precision machining, milling, punching, and grinding. Dongguan Kangding has over a decade of experience manufacturing hardware parts. We export our products all over the world to markets in North America, Europe, Africa, the Middle East and Asia.

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