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Buy the Best Metal Stamping Products for Mass Manufacturing from Kang Ding

Kang Ding is a CNC milling Products Company based in China that specializes in high-quality, custom designed metal stamping and tool making manufacturing. Stamping is commonly done in the mass production process. We make stamped metal products that are affordable and up to standard for clients with markets in North America, Europe, Australia, Japan, and many more, markets. We offer stamping prototype molding for international clients with over 100,000 options for custom designed hardware parts molding. Our stamped products can help you enter a market and build a loyal customer base.

Kang Ding Metal Stamping Service for Overseas Markets

Kang Ding offers thousands of metal stamping products for customers to choose from. We use a wide variety of material chosen for both their mechanical and aesthetic properties. We highly recommend stamping for high-volume orders. For small batches, we offer CNC machining and vacuum casting services. The process involves pressing down a single metal sheet into multiple plats. Afterward, the sheet will retain the mold shape and surface texture. This part is treated and ejected as a mold. The whole setup doesn’t take more than a few minutes.

Our method for molding allows the combining of different types of metal stamping products into one piece, which is ideal for a material like metal. We also have numerous surface textures and polishes to give products a unique look.

How to Order CNC products Online

Clients can directly and conveniently place orders on our website. First, send us a 3D CAD file of your project. Our engineers will review your concept and make it suitable for manufacturing. We will make a sample mold to make sure all dimensions, such as angles and thickness, match what is shown in the order. Our team will choose the type of material best suited for the sample part, and later the finished product. We aim to exceed our customers’ expectations with quality.

Call us today for a free quote. You can order a sample within a day. Large orders for mass markets can be completed in less than a week.

Working with Us

At Kang Ding, we understand that product developers and manufacturing engineers need a close professional working relationship to finalize the end product. We are committed to communicating effectively in order to overcome various design challenges. Our engineers will not hesitate to be in touch with you. We have a general customer service line that works 24/7.

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