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  • Surface Treatment Services
    Surface Treatment Services

    Our engineers are experts in achieving the perfect finish for your product. With Plating Anodizing painting vapor polishing sanding anodizing and many other services to choose from....[More]

  • metal Stamping
    metal Stamping

    When producing hardware parts a variety of metallic material are available including : SPCC SGCC SECC SPHC Stainless steel carbon steel copper aluminium brass iron and bronze etc....[More]

  • custom me<x>tal stamping parts company with штамповка
    custom metal stamping parts company with штамповка

    Material: Stainless steel Stamping carbon steel Stamping steel aluminum alloy brass copper etc. Equipment: 5-315 ton Stamping Parts machine linear cutting machine welder machine...[More]

  • Metal stamping jewelry supplies with with 금속 스탬핑
    Metal stamping jewelry supplies with with 금속 스탬핑

    sheet metal parts stretching parts fine blanking parts. Our company focuses on excellent talents of the world and creates an advanced enterprise...[More]

  • Screws Fastener
    Screws Fastener

    we offer a complete range of fastener bolt services including Cold heading forging turning and post-machining....[More]

  • CNC Milled Parts
    CNC Milled Parts

    Our CNC milling services are designed to complement our many other fabrication and finishing capabilities...[More]

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